...Love letter book to video games on the Commodore 64...

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Pages: 784
Word count: 270K
Format: CBZ
Release date: December 23, 2017

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There were nearly ten thousand commercial software releases for the Commodore 64. Most of the popular and best selling titles were, not surprisingly, video games - Produced and developed during a creative explosion that was instrumental in making the "C64" the best selling home computer of all time during the nearly twelve years (1982-1994) it was manufactured. Not only marked the 80s / early 90s a groundbreaking era that would shape the entire video game industry, but also a time of innovation and pioneering in game development. The Commodore 64 made it possible - After all, this was a machine that breezed through the infamous video game crash of 1983.

PLAYING COMMANDO! attempts to spark, renew and / or reinforce the interest in C64-games by bringing slightly coordinated attention to approximately 1100 of them - Not only The Best of the Best and the Greatest Hits, but also; "Guilty Pleasures" ("Innocent Pleasures", more like!), exclusives, fan favorites, forgotten gems, genre-definers / changers, under-appreciated cult classics, "controversial" wonders, and last but not least: The masterpieces that were better on the C64 than on any other platform. (The 16-bit machines included!) One chapter is also reserved for a bunch of very specific games - Games that more often than not cost like (and were marketed as) ordinary ones, but turned out to be severe disappointments to most players...


So who is this book for?

Anyone with an interest in a significant part of what now is known as Retro-gaming - The C64 paved the way for modern gaming alongside popular, contemporary platforms like the Commodore Amiga, the NES, and the SEGA Master System. This publication is also dedicated to all those who look back on this era with a strong sense of nostalgia. And, more naturally, those who in "this modern age" wish to be reminded of many of the games that created these wonderful memories through eight-bit graphics and the sweet sounds of the SID-chip.

A small section of this book focuses on how to get and play all these games. Emulation is still the cheapest and safest way to go all these decades later. Many of the original tapes and disks may unfortunately be gone or lost, and hardware failures are all too common... But the rich preservation- and emulation-community is what keeps this extremely diverse gaming platform alive.

And immortal.

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